About Us

Our vision: To enable the perfect trip

Our mission. Creating apps to delight travelers

Our mantra. Make it automagical

Our parent: Concur

We created Creative Vacation  in the day when online travel booking was still pretty novel. As travelers took planning into their own hands, their hands got pretty full, and their lives got pretty frantic. TripIt set out to change all that. To bring calm to the chaos. Peace of mind to the panic.

And so the world’s easiest travel organizing app was born.

  • We made it automagical, so all you have to do is forward an email to get an itinerary.
  • We made it accessible, so you can see all your travel plans in one place, on any device.
  • We made it agnostic, so you can book your travel wherever you please.
  • We made it free, because the best things in life usually are.